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Grant Types & Application

Large Grants >$1000 

(Applications for 2023 were due by 5:00 pm CST February 28, 2023)


The Civic League Foundation, Inc. makes grants on an annual basis using the funds raised in the previous year. The process begins in February with applications from local non-profit organizations, schools and cities that serve residents of Addison, Carrollton and Farmers Branch. Grants are focused on meeting needs in the areas of arts and culture, recreation, education, and social services.

The Civic Grant Committee reviews the written grant applications, along with the additional documents listed at the bottom of the application form. Small groups of members conduct informal interviews at the organization’s offices to learn more about the organization and the needs they address. The selection of grant recipients concludes in a formal interview with the full Civic Grant committee and representatives from each organization. The funds available are then allocated by the Committee and awarded at a ceremony in May. Smaller Timely Grants may sometimes be available at other times of the year in order to meet unanticipated needs.

Timely Grants <$1000

A Timely Grant consists of monies less than $1000 applied to a special one-time need.  These may be submitted for consideration any time during the year. 

Requests for Large and Timely Grants must be submitted by mail to:


         The Civic League Foundation, Inc.

         P.O. Box 814372  

         Farmers Branch, TX 75381-4372


         by email: 


A written request including a description of the specific need and amount requesting must be included with a copy of the organization's 501(c)3 tax exemption letter from the Internal Revenue Service.

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