We are

Community Builders



Three caring women, Romona Upfield, Glenna Grimmer and Anna Leslie Richardson formed The Civic League in 1963.  Recognizing the many opportunities for service that such a rapidly growing community would have, these women foresaw an organization sensitive to a community's specific needs, serving where no other funding was available.


The purpose of this organization is educational, charitable, and cultural.  We assist the city, the schools and the community at large by promoting and engaging in philanthropic activities.  We serve the citizens of Addison, Carrollton and Farmers Branch.


The Civic League is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization dedicated to community service of the highest quality.


We attain our financing through an annual fundraiser and other projects.  We are involved because we are concerned citizens.  We are aware and committed to contributing to the growth and development of a changing community...to fill unmet needs of our citizens by initiating new services and expanding existing ones.

Student Scholarships $1,684,066
Social Services $836,635
Arts & Cities


Our Giving History

Our donations began with $600 in 1964 given to the City of Farmers Branch for the first irrigation system for Don Showman field.  We have grown with our community and now include the cities of Addison, Carrollton and the cities of CFB ISD, including Irving, Coppell & Dallas.


We have given over 
$3 million as of 2019. 


These gifts have benefited various community needs: our schools, the local arts, children, seniors and people at risk, and graduating seniors.  We are dedicated to maintaining our reputation as a successful charitable organization by providing funds that go directly to our recipients.